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HostingWeb hosting as a service and not a product

Web hosting should essentially be a service that allows both individuals and big organisations get their websites out there in the realm of the Internet or the World Wide Web. There are companies that deal with hosting and are normally referred to as web hosts or web hosting companies. What they do is provide some space on a server that they either own or lease, to their clients where they can put up the website and have it available online.

The Difference between Service and Product in Hosting

The difference between a service and a product is that, the service is something done for you while the product is something that is given to you for your own use. Web hosting really needs to be a service because, not everyone has the expertise that goes behind the scenes in matters internet, to be left alone with it. Hence the web host that hosts websites as a continual engagement rather than just provide the space should be deemed more superior than those who don’t.

Identifying Web Hosts that Provide Hosting as a Service

You can easily tell whether your web hosting came as a product or a service. Take a look at the reliability of the host and see whether your website’s availability and uptime is always above standards. A web host who cares about his clients normally puts in all efforts to ensure that a client’s investment is always protected.

The other thing that can clue you in on whether what you got was a real service is the kind of support that you get from your host in term of maintenance and other value added services. Such hosts will always want what’s best for their clients and thus keep them abreast with the latest updates and upgrades to enhance their websites’ performance.

Types of Hosting Services

There are many types of web hosting services but they can always be classified in two categories that really determine whether it will evidently be a service or a product to the website owner. These categories are the paid and the free web hosting services.

Without delving into much detail, the old school of thought that nothing good ever comes easy couldn’t be clearer with web hosting services. With the paid service, you actually rent the space you are given, and therefore your host will obviously want to keep you happy. He or she will thus provide you with a service.

As for the free service, you will just be a means to some other end for the host, and therefore yours here will be just a product.