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Online Webinar Software

Online Webinar SoftwareOnline Webinar and Conference Software Disambiguated

Webinar, which is a connotation for a web seminar, is a dynamic and very engaging way of putting across information to a dispersed audience across geographical and time boundaries using the Internet.

Seminars and conferences are good forums for disseminating information, providing training, demonstrating instructions and so on. The ability to hold these over the Internet, also known as web conferencing, greatly improves on accessibility and diversification.

Web conferencing is normally made available using three basic models. It can either be availed using specific appliances, a hosted service or tailored software. Online webinar software is more of the tool used to facilitate peer-level web conferencing as opposed to a general webcast.

What does a Webinar or Conference Software do?

In order to hold a seminar or a conference online, you would need an online webinar software or conference software to facilitate a connection between you and the participants. This software utilizes internet technologies and in particular, TCP/IP connections that would include multicast communications spanning from one origin to a multitude of receivers.

The software is designed to provide data streams of video, voice and text messages simultaneously through an internet connection. Both the speaker or presenter and the participants are able to actively interact with each other through the software as the conference takes place.

Where is an online webinar software most applicable?

Online webinar software is applicable anywhere a conference, meeting or presentation requires to be done online. The reasons why these forms of collaborations would need to be done online vary, but the most common reasons are to have the conference available to participants from any location worldwide.

The conference software has a lot of features that include presentations tools, annotations, chats, file transfer options, polling and survey tools among many others. They are therefore applicable in meetings, training sessions, marketing forums, educational lectures and so on.

The Pros and Cons of Using Online Webinar Software

The good thing with online webinar software is that it has everything that a good web conference would need in one place; from presentation tools such as slide shows and whiteboards, to communication systems such as text chat, live video streaming and real-time audio conferencing.

On the down side, most of this web conference software needs to be invoked from both sides, that is to say the sender or speaker’s side and that of the receiver or the participant need to have the software installed. If the participants don’t have the software installed in their systems, it becomes difficult for them to attend or access the webinar.