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Web Design

Web DesignAppreciating the Work That Goes into Web Design

The number of websites across the globe today is big. The money and man hours that go in the making of all these websites is colossal, yet it all has to be done. Websites provide the means for all kinds of businesses, big and small, old and new, you name it; to have an unrestricted global presence at very little infrastructure cost. All in all, the fact that all websites are made doesn’t mean that they are all made equal.

Website design explained

The process of creating a website is normally referred to as website development or web design, and a number of skills, procedures and disciplines go into the creation and maintenance of websites. In a nutshell, website design encompasses graphic design, user experience and interface design, coding, authoring, hosting and a number of marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO).

Website design is ever evolving with new innovative ways of making websites even more exciting and accommodating coming up every now and then. Even the ways in which people now explore websites and web pages have changed dramatically in the recent times, from the desktop screens and monitors to the palms of people’s hands with tablets and smart phones.

Response to changing times with responsive web design

In a bid to overcome the challenges posed by viewing the same website on the different screen sizes and shapes of modern devices, a new approach to website design has been crafted to have website pages viewable on different screen sizes. This approach is what is known as responsive web design, and it works by adopting the layouts of a viewing environment through use of flexible images set on fluid and proportion based grids. With responsive web design, the website will not only adapt to screen size and shape, but also the change in the screen’s orientation, portrait or landscape.

Websites that sell with SEO web design

SEO Web design makes use of SEO elements and strategies that make a website easy to be found by a potential customer when he/she searches on the major search engines. Think of websites as books, and a search engine like the owner of the store that sells books. Now there are many books in that store written by many different authors. The store owner cannot display all the books in the front shelves of the store, but will have to display some there anyhow.

As an author, you would prefer your book be on the front because customers are going to see it first. Another author will want the same, and so each of you will have to somehow convince the book store owner to put your book in front. That’s exactly what SEO web design does, and there are people who provide website owners with SEO services to help them stay in front of the competition.