Why Workaholism Prevents an Entrepreneur from Building His Business

Most people have undoubtedly heard that an entrepreneur usually works hard, he is a workaholic. People have probably heard that hard work and creation of profitable business are things closely connected to each other. However, builders, janitors and clerks also work hard. Then what is the difference between an entrepreneur and his employees? If an entrepreneur works hard, then there is almost no difference. He simply works for himself, goes to work like all his employees. In this way he can hardly be called a business founder; he has become a hired worker. However, it contradicts a widely-known opinion about entrepreneurs. It is necessary to work hard in order to achieve success. But is it really so? Let’s suppose that this statement is incorrect. What if someone simply spreads such rumors in order to prevent employees from starting a business of their own? However, employees usually work much harder.  Let’s find out what is right and what is wrong. First of all, let’s determine what workaholism is in fact. Workaholism is an excessive work addiction. It means that workaholics work much more than it is required. So, being a workaholic is not very good. Workaholism is harmful for an entrepreneur. Later you will be able to understand why it happens like that. The main thing that every entrepreneur should do is to create, to build a company. He creates what hasn’t existed before. And an employee provides the implementation of business processes. The tasks that employees fulfill do not create, they support the company. The entrepreneur has to achieve some certain goals. And if he fails to do that then it’s just a waste of time. His company does not develop at that moment. And we know quite well that everything that is not developing becomes degraded. And business is not an exception.


Why Workaholism Prevents an Entrepreneur from Building His Business

Working too much is harmful for every entrepreneur

In order to become an entrepreneur it is critical to know why excessive work is harmful and what consequences in may cause. You should know the difference between working and doing a business. Work is interminable while business is terminable. What are people doing most of their time? They are undoubtedly working. People work all the time and rest on weekends only. Thus, it’s good when people work because they’re constantly busy. However, we may even think that there is nothing else to do, but work. And people are so busy that they have no time to realize how harmful the excessive work may be. A workaholic always finds things to do. It’s interesting to mention that not everything he does is effective. An entrepreneur creates a business, and the business works and makes money for his owner. Workaholism is harmful because it is the absence of free time. And it is free time when the most creative ideas usually come to our minds. It is necessary either to delegate work or to invent methods which would reduce the amount of work providing the same results. Increasing self-efficacy is what every entrepreneur should do. Entrepreneurs must select carefully the tasks they are going to fulfill. They must know for sure whether the task will change things for the better or will be quite inefficient. In this way you will be able to do only those things which are really necessary and will prove to be effective for your business development. Such things are worth spending time on.

How an entrepreneur can avoid workaholism

Most people suppose that the harder they work the closer to the success they are. In fact, everything is vice versa. Workaholism is a very dangerous psychological disorder that may bring destructive consequences. Psychologists say that the number of workaholics is increasing all over the world year by year. The most important thing is to be able to find the golden mean – to know how much to work and when to stop. Workaholics work not to live well as most people do, they work to get pleasure from what they are doing. However, there are people, who work day and night in order to build a career. In one way or another, workaholism is harmful. Workaholics are not the only people, who suffer from their disorder. Every workaholic has a family the members of which suffer as well. But there is always a way out. Psychologists offer a number of methods to fight this disorder. The first and foremost is to remember about the relatives all the time. It is indispensable to keep in mind that there are a lot of other things that can make a person happy. It is important to work, but it is much more important to spend time with the family because moments spent with them are really precious. Every entrepreneur should constantly keep in mind that we must work in order to live and not live in order to work, work smart instead of work hard!

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